Camping Kalami

We are committed to making your stay unforgettable and full of experiences. 

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Location of Camping Kalami

Evergreen olive trees, flowering plants and trees are located in specially designed areas and provide shade to stay in groups of cars, caravans or tents.
The roads are paved, stone pavements and easy access to any campground

Camping Kalami is located right on the beach of Kalami, just steps from your tent or caravan!

At Kalami Camping, our priority is to serve you and meet your needs and for this, we have spaces to satisfy every visitor. All this just 1 step away from our beautiful beach.

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Price List Overnight

atomo kalami camping

9,50 €

paidia kalami camping
Kids (age 4-10)

4,00 €

skini kalami camping

6,00 €

atomo kalami camping
Big Tent

7,00 €

mixanaki kalami camping

3,00 €

autokinhto kalami camping

4,00 €

leoforeio kalami camping
Mini Bus

8,00 €

troxospito mono kalami camping
Μotor Ηome

7,00 €

troxospito kalami camping

9,00 €

trailer tent kalami camping
Trailer Tent

7,00 €

sleeping bag kalami camping
Sleeping Bag

3,00 €

ilektrismos kalami camping

6,00 €

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